Rhyme Skeme is a hip hop group that formed in 1998. After years of recording and rehersal the collective finally released what they consider to be their official debut on August 17th 2004 Organized Rhyme. Although the group has gone under several personell changes over the years, this album has practically all the core members as the starring line up; General Doobe, Ollie Twist, Nyce, Flare (Arch Nemesis), EMC, Shadow, Phenom, El Shadi & Kastro (later on Tommy Marin).  

Notably the album features Wu-Tang affiliate Remedy on the track "Reality Strikes" which he also produced and was used as the first single release for the record. The albums physical release was limited and included custom artwork from Glen Davis.  

There has not been a full length Rhyme Skeme album released since. Over time Organized Rhyme has become somewhat of a classic, capturing a period of time within the groups history of dedication, passion, youth and remarkable consistency in style. It should be noted that in 2009 Avatar and The Wicked One joined the group and work on an album entitled "The Catalyst" has begun. 

Organized Rhyme was promoted heavily through the release of two Extended Play recordings The First Wind and The Second Wind respectively.

N E W  R E L E A S E 

While scanning though our extensive archives it was decided upon to assemble a collection of Rhyme Skeme tracks that would serve as a new release for 2019. The appropriately titled "Dusty Crates" consists of songs that were recorded between 2004-2014 that were shelved and never found their way onto any official project...until now. This is the first in a series of forthcoming albums with a  purpose to showcase some of our finest unreleased works; as we feel without question deserve to be heard! While this record is not a Rhyme Skeme album proper, it is the closest to a new release from the group as a collective since 2004's Organized Rhyme. From a production standpoint, this compilation of material was made with no editing or final mastering giving it the vibe and energy of a mix tape format - slapped together, but not without careful selection and relevance. Altogether, this unique collection of tracks also works as a whole in capturing the spirit and style of the Rhyme Skeme group with full blown authenticity. 

"Dusty Crates" also boasts a robust roster of feature artists we had the pleasure of collaborating with, presenting a gritty street flavor to the album that we feel adds a certain rawness to it's profile. Given the developmental time period in which these songs were written, it is impossible to not hear the passion and hard work put into each number. Enjoy the latest entry in the of the Rhyme Skeme catalog and stay tuned for more! *This album is featured on our website for streaming purposes only.

The Second Wind is the sequel to the The First Wind promotional extended play for the full length Rhyme Skeme album Organized Rhyme. Released in January of 2004 it was limited to around 200 hand made copies recorded and assembled at Twist Blade Studios.
The First Wind was released on November 1, 2003 as a promotional extended play for the Organized Rhyme album. The CD's themselves were all made by hand and limited to around 200 copies.