1. The Final Hour

From the recording Organized Rhyme

Produced By: Ollie Twist


        Final Hour
        (Kastro, EMC, Doobe, Nyce, Shadow, O.Twist, Flare)
        Produced By: Ollie Twist/Guitars By: Ollie Twist

Kastro:        yo we got this, we don't need no hip hop beat to rock this, rock shit, turn a small club into a mosh pit, they gettin crazy man, our fans'll scare ya, i get on stage screamin like this was Pantera,
bang your head til your neck break off of your shoulders, this ain't rock-n-roll cuz we're rollin wit boulders,
if you bet against our skills, all bets are over,i hate to say this shit dog but, damn,  I told ya,
EMC:        this ain't rock n roll, but it shakes the ground to the poles, Rhyme Skeme moving fast, like our feet are on hot coles, rubber bands wrap our rolls, and these fans pack our shows, cause we rock shit right, like a stag with a pig roast, we live on the East coast, where haters be the most,
to them I raise a toast, fuck you, you ho's, Rhyme Skeme rock n roll, like a cowgirl with no clothes,
but she dosen't know she won't last 8 seconds at my rodeo.
Doobe:        you won't catch us switchin lanes in a range, we inject those poisonous flows that poke ya in your veins like Layne, times change but some shit still remains the same, so i'm still doin dirt, like Alice in Chains, there's no weak links in this chain, the steel that we weild is born from invisible flames, (so to the battle we came (x2) )
Nyce:        CPU for a brain and no skeleton frame, don't feel no pain, no i don't rust out in the rain, in my bones i have metallica, on a higher caliber, can't stop me like caliper's from coming right at ya, i won't stop searchin till your dead in your tracks, you venom lack, like red next to black, you hopeless did not notice that i'm talkin bout the snakes, you come off soft and sweet like titties and milkshakes,
Shadow:        the final hour cause these cowards, think they tower,
(ChorusX2)    but they cower when we step on the scene,
        and fight the power, (repeat)
Ollie Twist:    listen to the beat you know the track is bumpin, i'll rock your Mellon Collie asses like the Smashing Pumpkins, it's Big Twist, on this disc, i'm far from dolo, rock mics, keyboards and even guitar solos, write rhymes on the page as soon as my pen hits, way ahead of our time like the great Jimi Hendrix, organized rhyme brother just bang your head, back in the days i broke bread with Phenom and InfraRed, uh!
Flare:        my peoples educate yourself, we need to shift the wealth, presidential canidates deny they smoke the cannabis, i want my benefits, you fuckin pigs are so rich, robbin the poor, just to fund your money wars, what's it really for? should've voted for Gore, people died without a purpose, scandals rise to the surface, its the only thing that hurts us, our lives are not worthless,
Shadow:        (ChorusX2)