In 2007 Rhyme Skeme Productions teamed up with music company Mental Instruments to create the Frequency 420 record; spotlighting artists Ollie Twist (Nucleus) and Tommy Marin (Clear The Haze). It was recorded in both Connecticut and Staten Island, New York and was released on April 20th, 2008. The record was intended to embody a marketable and commercial production approach, capturing the attitude of popular hip hop at the time, a departure from the signature sound of the Rhyme Skeme and their previous efforts. 1,000 CDs were pressed along with collectors item tee shirts, stickers, flyers and posters. Frequency 420 performed live several times for promotion to strongly positive reception. The first single "Check The Frequency" gained several thousand plays online before the album was released. Most notably the album also features the legendary Wu-Tang Clan rapper Raekwon on the track "Lazy Eye". Upon release the album was a local success but momentum was stifled by a fire at the primary studio headquarters damaging a significant amount of inventory. Shortly after this event Twist and Marin parted ways and the project went largely under the radar. Today, Frequency 420  holds up solidly and is regarded by many listeners as one of the strongest RSP projects ever made; it is also the highest budgeting RSP project to date. General Doobe served as an executive producer.

Frequency 420

Frequency 420

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