From the recording Organized Rhyme

Produced By: Ollie Twist


        Back 4 More
        (Shaddi, Shadow, K. Laurence, O. Twist, Doobe, Kastro, Nyce, EMC, Flare)
        Produced By: Ollie Twist

Shaddi:        raise your hands and raise your cups,
        cause, we the kids that will call that bluff,
        so everybody from left to right, shine some light,
        and go on party all night,   
        and everybody from the back to front,
        do what you want and go on pass that blunt,
        cause Rhyme Skeme is here to stay,
        we like it that way, rock the mic while the records play,
Shadow:        we spit the illest, latest in fashion you got to feel us,
        the realest, always on point you got to hear us,
        the best lyricist's when we up in the club you know they fear us,
        we headlined the show, having drinks at the Afterglow,
        you better roll, can't stand all these ego's yo, i gotta go,
        cause these fly hunnies, they be blowin up my phone,
        so i rome around town and I'm never alone,
        i guess that's why they call me Shadow bro, now ya know,
K.Lawrence:    it's Rhyme Skeme and here they come,
(Chorus-A)    guaranteed to be the one,
        this is what your waiting for,
        it's Rhyme Skeme they're back for more!
O. Twist:        Ollie Twist in the club, twisted off the dub,
        show me love, kiss and hug don't push and shove,
        let's see, (hmmm), who's next to get the dough?
        eeny meeny miney mo, it's Twist for sure,
        it's the cat, in the hat, so phat, with the rap,
        and you can get with Chris, or you can get with that,
        my brothers raid the club and the ladies swarm,
        and start strippin off the beat when we get on to perform.
Doobe:        when your eyes start to dialate, it's time to shake that booty,
        make it gyrate, now that we're laced wit dough,
        it's hard to keep these irate ladies fingers out our pie plate,
        and we're shockin you on the radio, i represent my state,
        since 1998, a piece of God in the physical spittin,
        true and rippin crews, cuttin dope in every syllable,
        big love to every individual, with a mind free to listen to,
        a minute or two, of these lines, i'm stickin mine inside of you,
K.Lawrence:    it's Rhyme Skeme and here they are,
(Chorus-B)    they are the next shining stars,
        rippin tracks and spittin bars,
        while you bump this in your cars,
Kastro:        before the doors open we party like we're inside,
        up in the parking lot havin a real good time,
        drinks goin around, music is real loud,
        i think we'll stay right here and shut this motherf#cker down,
        we dont need to be trapped inside of no club,
         just go where we want and bring the party to us,
        forty ounce of Crazy Horse and a twisted dub,
        from the stage to the club they all show us love,
Nyce:        deez duns is golden, i say freeze you frozen,
        my slogan, is bottom's up on the Molson, ice,
        get right, roll dice, live life, through the mic,
        Steve Nyce precise taxin tracks like excise,
        distinctive presence pokin all out the crowd,
        people know me for the fro the flow and buddah cloud,
        and you know i'm back for more, cause i can't get       
        enough girl, rock your whole world hey girl aww girl,
K.Lawrence:    (Chorus A+B)         
EMC:        and here i am, doing it for the fans,
        Rhyme Skeme's got a clan, so its time you understand,
        that we're eight heads deep, five years bumped on streets,
        so take the back seat, cause we started rhyme in CT,   
        try to come at me, and get severed above the Tee,
        Rhyme Skeme we be ballin but we're not in your league,
        and its obvious to me, because your on one knee,
        and if you got fatigue, say mercy to EMC,
Flare:        all these ladies sure do look perdy,
        good girlies who want to get dirty,
        Jake's got the feel-good medicine, to raise your estrogen,
        you haven't had better than, you've been with the veteran,           
        my team of eagles only snatch up the hottest huns,
        the livest ones,with the deepest lungs,
        to take these hits, my tongue dips,
        Champlain knows how to make your body twitch.
K.Lawrence:    (Chorus-B)

        THE RHYME SKEME is Shaun Doobe, Ollie Twist, Steve Nyce, Nate Flare, Shadi,
        Shadow, EMC & Kastro.

        RHYME SKEME/Organized Rhyme 2004
        Recorded at Twistblade Studios courtesy of Rhyme Skeme Productions
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        Executive Producer: Ollie Twist
        Produced & Engineered By: Rhyme Skeme
        Mixed & Mastered by Ollie Twist & Shaun Doobe
        "Reality Strikes" Produced By: Remedy for Code Red Entertainment
        "Holy Ghost" Produced By: Phenom for Mental Instruments
        Guitars By: Ollie Twist
        Cover Design & Graphics: Mental Instruments
        Photography By: EMC
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        For Production Call Twist Cell: 860-490-8798       

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