From the recording Organized Rhyme

Produced By: Ollie Twist


        Lessons of Life (Blazin' Mics)
        (K.Lawrence, Kastro, O.Twist, EMC, Doobe,)
        Produced By: Ollie Twist

Kastro:        you know me walkin eyes low, sparkin hydro, mind slow, my flow blow the doors of your six four, listen playa, my league is major, misbehavior, double barrel vocal box buck shot slayer,
comin wit that potent toxic shit, off the top hypothesis, tryin to paint pictures of portraits of where the prophets is, listen and you'll learn, learn then you can teach, teach through your speech,
but practice what you preech,  talk righteous when I'm speakin the truth, young intelligent and stoned when i'm in the booth, from the group who brought you both winds one and two, run through your crew if your sleepin dude,
Twist:        it's Twist, light the spliff and let's talk politics, walking on this earth trying to find where the father is, sorry boo, i wish i had time for you, but i've been working on beats and writing rhymes with my crew,
i'm up in the lab, as i grab my notepad, all alone and feeling sad, takin all the strength i have, to conquer, looking for somebody to sponser, grew from a wisdom child into a monster,
Twist the last man to abandon my team, how about you? seem to care more about C.R.E.A.M.,
 i remain loyal, stay focused on the dream, legendary from the name alone, Rhyme Skeme!
EMC:        EMC on the beat i bring the heat, in the lab i be working like seven days a week,
cause this biz be the skeme, these rhymes just a dream, cause how the hell could i end up rollin with this team? Rhyme Skeme, six man demolition team, yeah my man Kas said that on the First Wind EP,
now check the new edition, with Shadi and Shaun Doobe, as soon as things get done, come check our ass at the movies, Rhyme Skeme!, we got the illest team, these thoughts be a dream, and it's not reality,
and it's not what it seems, and it's not what i mean, ayo hold up, is this just a dream?
Doobe:        it all started hard, mommy's strugglin her babies been scarred,
a hand wit nothin, no face cards, throwin rocks in the backyard, on the block i'm throwin smacks hard, thirteen started puffin, i'm like it ain't nothin, forteen i'm just cuttin, the barrel off my 30/30, waitin for somethin, to pop off, i smoke bud and push the rock off, burnin bitches and punks like Dave's Insanity Hot Sauce, i got lost fuckin wit crime, tellin my mom's this will be the last time, and stealin cars and bikes is just a pastime, you out for yours? well now that's mine, fifteen was a ruff cut beefed with the hill clique,
whooped ass and also got fucked up, i took an L,  almost ended up a crook in jail, if my man got locked,
we're sellin tree's to raise bail, rock two and blaze an L, sixteen mad as hell, kids drivin by me, i want that car bad as hell, my nucleus pacin in my cells, 1,000 miles on Asics Gels, i never miss your heart wit these flows, this is for kats strugglin, with blisters on their toes, i know its ruff baby, seventeen, '79 Scirocco was lime green, straight for the time being, till she's diein' on me, left me with debt, it's just a lesson in life,
got kicked out of school cuz i ain't been actin nice, mad love to Twist and Nyce, watch me shine like prism cut ice, can't sleep till i jism twice, eighteen can't escape the scene, still toastin up tree's baggin dimes to make cream, duckin the laws, sewin false pockets in my draws,  what's up boss, i do it nice and coppin a half pound for less than half price, throwin and blowin dice, takin risks, it's like this, blazin mics.