From the recording Organized Rhyme

Produced By: Remedy Ross for Code Red Entertainment


        Reality Strikes
        (Doobe, O. Twist, Kastro, Shadi, Flare, Shadow, EMC, Nyce)
        Produced By: Remedy of Code Red Entertainment

Doobe:        i gotta seize the day, cause all i see is today, and i seen a lot of haters, tryin to seize my pay,
cops and prosecuters man, been tryin to put me away, you cold blooded snakes, get the f--- out of my way, i heard ya runnin lip, you know i know where you stay, and where your head lays, and i'm goin through a phase, where my temper displays craze, i'm bout to run up solo on your whole brigade, BLOWE!
Twist:        hidden cameras, weapons pointed at the nucleus, on the radar, televised shots of Ollie Twist remain numerous, genetically and phenetically, couldn't find rhymes more poetically, eventually, it was the Rhyme Skeme's destiny to find the Remedy, the CIA couldn't crack the code to our banks, they gonna need more missiles, firearms and tanks, to overthrow me while i'm holdin my sword like Shinobi, the most noble be holdin me more holy than your rosaries,
Remedy:        ayo the good days are over,
(Chorus)        yo there's no true soldiers,
        even the seller's sniff boulders, racks over your shoulders,
        ankle holsters, reality strikes lives like roller-coasters,
        streets are hot as toasters, like faces on wanted posters,
Kastro:        you been livin in their lies, boy open your eyes, watch the chopper full of spies as it flies through the skies, takin notes of who your mens is through the telephoto lenses, no solution, no surrenders, from pursuing you relentless, pay sums to your friends, have'em flip information, posters of your face on telephone polls gracin,  actors in your place to infiltrate family occasions, no escapin they be waitin patient outside where you stayin,
Shadi:        uh-oh, don't look now but they're comin, we better start runnin, these demons wanna put us in their dungeon, yo i gotta fight like i was King David, keep the statue sacred, yeah my heart i keep naked,
before the holy one, the only son gives me the strength, teaches my hands to war my sword swings full length, you wanna come test the holy one of Isreal witness, the sickest style have you drooling infantile
Remedy:        (ChorusX1)
Flare:        sprinkle my magic dust, bust like a rocket thrust, slice me the pie without crust, Flare won't go down in handcuffs, for onions sliced like tomatos, money briefcases slid under tables, crack the black label, best flavors debatable, mack if the situation's engagable, before i push the product, like corrupt police misconduct, it's hammer time with Corona, spread it around like skin toner,
Shadow:        i'll never give in, the system wanna put me in submission, try to make me fit in, call me Shadow cause i stay hidden, organize the rythem, written ammunitions, free your mind from it's prison,turn off the television, don't listen, the lies disguise the contradiction,real kidz be seekin wisdom, Rem beats, they got me havin visions, its time to throw your hoodies up we on a mission, politicians wanna ban my compositions, but i'll stay spittin.           
Remedy:        (ChorusX1)
EMC:        every step we take, is photographed by the jakes, and the cameras on the wires document the day, there no escape, they play the tape, we're the bait, our freedom they wanna takeand state to state the head of state control our fate, our eyes they taint, with lies, red tape, and paint, our freedoms getting restrained, if your hands where in chains would you rat or take the blame? pigs and snitches one in the same, there's no restrain for my game, Rhyme Skeme reign, so you best remember that name.
Nyce:        my champion mindstate, allows me to elevate, on the next level, i levetate like featherweights,
over the curruption at each junction false assumptions, that the streets are on a parabolic path to self-destruction,we should be blaming, quality of preperation, lack of inner city funds take away from education, national debt and inflation ain't helpin' situations, politicians on vacation while we're stuck on the pavement