From the recording Organized Rhyme

Produced By: Ollie Twist
Co-Produced By: Shadi


        System In Submission
        (O. Twist, Kastro, Shadow, Nyce)
        Produced By Ollie Twist & Shadi

Ollie Twist:    some call him, God in the bodily, some call him Christopher, codename Twistopher,
others call me ollie (ooops!), i'm your balanced breakfast with two scoops, my voice cut like a razor through the bumps and the loops, Christ came back to Earth, spoke to Twist first, put his wisdom in my verse, given to me at birth, you couldn't master this, mathematics on my abacus, my actions resemble the rebel who came from Nazareth, hazardous computer kids, rap musical wiz, attract to this like a magnet, my beautiful adlibs, this lyrical magazine, cause critics to scream, just admit it, i'll never quit it (till i live out my dream),  the everlasting CEO of Twistblade Studios, with the heart to rip the charts with more art than Leonardo, well here it is, the album that you all been waiting for, if you ain't feelin' it, don't worry, my teams making more,
Kastro:        when i'm dead and gone i'll be buried with a glock with me, so i can go to hell and greet Satan properly, here to shock, like the first time that Bob clocked Whitney, drop nonstop hip hop, through out the industry, you homos so so, you spit with no flow, i'm riding low pro, dodgin po po, still smokin' on the dro though, in the hat my ear tucked, driving fast near drunk, it's clear cut, you faggots fear us, here it comes,
stop, drop and roll, lyrics taking toll, full control, as soon as they enter your earhole, the most affluent artist couldn't capture regardless, impact cracking the hardest, you ain't matchin the smartest,
Shadow:        son we dons, calm before the storm it's on, up your arms, here we come taking charge of the songs, since the day i was born, i was sworn to hold this mic in my palms, the pressure's on, perform, i bring the storm, get torn, out the frame, bringing shame to your name, the game's gotten lame, it's time for a change,get me up on the stage, i feel enraged, bout to bust out this cage, to get these papes, in this chase, i'm sportin first place,
Twist:        twist the key in the ignition, the godz we spark friction,
(ChorusX2)    against oddz we spittin, you frauds keep bitchin,
        we got hot compositions, your not our competition,
        the rhythm, got the whole system in submission, (repeat)
Nyce:        who the fuck do you think ya'll is? always all in my biz, for that i'mma bend your wiz,  i'mma get up in them ribs, and make her swallow my kids, and you know she's gonna love it, suck it, hug it if she could, Can't fall in a trap, too good for that, cause i'm just too hood, or is it too good to be true? the contemplation, i'm going on a mental vacation, been saving all my medication, but these needles stay penetrating, the last thing i want to rock is this jacket so strayin,
Twist:        (ChorusX1)