1. CT Streets

From the recording Organized Rhyme

Produced By: Ollie Twist


        CT Streets
        (Kastro, Doobe, Shadow, O.Twist, EMC, Flare, Nyce)
        Produced By: Ollie Twist

Kastro:        sweep the streets of CT like road renovation,
(ChorusX1)    elevated minds fly like stoned aviation,
        this menace break ya necks, have ya prayin' to the holy ghost,
        vigilantes back for more one false move and your toast,
Doobe:        don't make me split your knot, i'll make the red spread, like Shedds Spread Country Crock, wrap ya in a bed spread, and roll ya off the dock, the way i sweep these streets, will put you to sleep, underneath the concrete, this rat race is taken place, under my feet, take a look at my face young buck ain't nothin sweet,  i'm rainin like sleet, on my competition, and lacin' up my Tim's to prepare for this mission, i got your block cased with the view that is spatial, strategical military plannin, don't test my stance, i'l drop ya where your standin, and leave ya, i'm runnin more sicker than a fever, your crews soft like dicks son with the salt peter, we swept ya off the streets homeboy we didn't need ya, i'll bleed ya of your blood, and leave ya on the side of the street, up in the mud, CT represent sweep the streets,
Kastro:        (ChorusX1)
Shadow:        black hoody wit a fitted and a black mask, cock-back the sawed-off blast, come and test my staff, you'll be lucky just to leave in a cast, bullets fill this clip until the last cap flies out the shaft, you do the math, i'll leave ya dreamin about the past, and you've already passed, it's so sad, i'm just ahead of my class, so fast, i left tracks on your map to grab the cash,
Twist:        microphone heaters measure my target in centimeters, rocking beepers in '93 we be CT street sweepers, from California to New York, the middle east to Tokyo, record labels are lyin, their noses growing like Pinnochio, locally we vocally makin movements that's globally, money control the airwaves son, this greed is chokin me, what kinda message are you tryin to send to the youth?
only a fifth of the rhymes that you spit contain truth,
Kastro:        (ChorusX1)
EMC:        chin check, the impact break your neck, i'm up on your set, cause the Sun Never Sets, Rhyme Skeme, lights green, tight team, mic fiends, might mean, we light the lime green, we write the Rhyme Skeme, our rhymes gleam like high beams, so don't try to try me, from here to Hawaii, heads know the Rhyme Skeme,you'll find me, hittin you up like posion ivy, i'm lively,  see eye to eye to me, and die justifiably.
Flare:        yuck it up you stupid fucks, yo i'm swimming in the bucks, like i'm Scrooge McDuck, straight ballers, you need bitches call us, cause we easily, get bitties in cities, Steve Nitty, is so mother fucking pretty, Champlain's running game on those buns and titties, from NY to MASS, my face is my express pass to hit ass, RS makes the cuts, quick and fast!
Kastro        (ChorusX1)
Nyce:        the name is Steve Nyce, but they used to call me Nugget, if you don't know about the website yet let me plug it, Rhyme Skeme.com on the internet we thug it, get it straight, since '98, my teams been public, i grew up dollarless with only pennies in my pocket, still my plans to blast off like the Rockville Rocket, call me Gene Pitney, in the town with no pity, only love can break your heart, don't get it twisted,
nowadays i rip mics, every which way, mc's should quit, like La Roca with Rage, inside my soundgardern, it's filled with starvin' artisits, while these fake ballers proclaim that they the hardest.
Kastro:        (Chorusx1)