Commercial Break is a parody group created by Ollie Twist and Avatar. As a result of becoming discouraged by popular hip hop music, the two decided to purposely make a record full of overly repetitive hooks, exaggerated punchlines and over the top profanity. As fate would dictate, the first Commercial Break project "Fun & Games" was welcomed with overwhelmingly positive feedback due to it's catchy production and comical sketches. Due to demand the group would return the following year in an attempt to make an even more "over the top" record "A 4 Awsum" . All in all these albums were made in jest, but there is a brilliant sarcasm lying underneath the surface that makes a statement about commercial music and the priorities of modern day society. To add to the mayhem almost everyone in the Rhyme Skeme at some point participated and/or made an appearance within the two volumes.  


Commercial Break - Fun & Games (2009) 
Commercial Break - A 4 Awsum (2010)