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Welcome to the official website of Rhyme Skeme Productions - an independent music company based out of Connecticut and Florida that specializes in original alternative hip hop. This website was designed to centralize all of our major releases for streaming and downloading purposes - enjoy a selection of dozens of full length albums since establishment in 1998.
The pages on this website were constructed to not only catalog our music, but to allow our fans an opportunity to listen to most material in it's entirety before committing to or executing a purchase. While generating sales is always helpful to the cause, it is our primary interest that our music is heard and shared. Simply click on the menu and select the artist or album of choice to browse the available track listings. 
We are proud to announce that the new Ollie Twist album "MDLXV" is currently in the final stages of the mastering process and will be uploaded to this website as soon as it is completed. In the meantime, please enjoy the excellent collection of songs we have put together for you and accumulated over the last 20 years.



Ollie Twist

“Coquina” is an introduction to Ollie Twist’s latest project MDLXV (1565), highlighting what you can expect from this versatile collection of original beats and rhymes. Rap with substance is back! Authentic hip-hop that articulates a love story from a historical perspective while also acknowledging the current chilling climate that exists today. Incorporating the rawness from the early days of hip-hop in combination with rocking guitars and lyrics, Ollie Twist’s MDLXV constantly pushes forward taking you on a fun-filled journey from start to finish

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N E W  R E L E A S E

While scanning though our extensive archives it was decided upon to assemble a collection of Rhyme Skeme tracks that would serve as a new release for 2019. The appropriately titled "Dusty Crates" consists of songs that were recorded between 2004-2014 that were shelved and never found their way onto any official project...until now. This is the first in a series of forthcoming albums with a  purpose to showcase some of our finest unreleased works; as we feel without question deserve to be heard! While this record is not a Rhyme Skeme album proper, it is the closest to a new release from the group as a collective since 2004's Organized Rhyme. From a production standpoint, this compilation of material was made with no editing or final mastering giving it the vibe and energy of a mix tape format - slapped together, but not without careful selection and relevance. Altogether, this unique collection of tracks also works as a whole in capturing the spirit and style of the Rhyme Skeme group with full blown authenticity.

"Dusty Crates" also boasts a robust roster of feature artists we had the pleasure of collaborating with, presenting a gritty street flavor to the album that we feel adds a certain rawness to it's profile. Given the developmental time period in which these songs were written, it is impossible to not hear the passion and hard work put into each number. Enjoy the latest entry in the of the Rhyme Skeme catalog and stay tuned for more! *This album is featured on our website for streaming purposes only.

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