From the recording Organized Rhyme

Produced By: Ollie Twist


        Rhymin 4 a Reason
        (Kastro, Doobe, Shadow)
        Produced By: Ollie Twist & Shadi/Guitars By: Ollie Twist

Kastro:        we flow with wisdom GOD given, sandpaper raw rhythm, leave you silent as autism, before the thought hit'em, i blitz and switch to rip your shit, ridicoulus, my tounge a Louisville slugger, I always got a hit wit this, ain't gotta worry bout what you need, only MC's ill enough to step to me are on my team,
you can catch me with a rhyme always plottin on a skeme, ride by sky high mind fried off the green,
i'm zonin like the o layer, ya'll like a group without Nate, ain't got no Flare, ya'll shouldn't go there,
Doobe:        Rhyme Skeme raw, CD's and mix tapes,
(ChorusX1)    we been doin this here chief since 1998, so get it straight, this crew is droppin deep knowledges, so hire an anthropologist to dig to the bottom of this, cause we're lockin this, rap game like a socaphagus, and their ain't no way that you can't topple this, we're stackin up our chips till we flip this metropolis, plus we're rhymin' for a reason,
Twist:        leavin fake mc's pleadin,
Shadow:        damn Twist, another beat to kill, another MC that seeks for thrill, come on lets chill, hot heads just take a pill, enough blood's been spilt, on the tracks we got snipers on the top of your hill,
to stop your heart and thats real, so play your part and lets deal, the deck of cards of your life,
 if its hard thats what you feel, yeah i've been through it too, that's why we gotta make this cash,
 and outlast the game and its all its past, all the fame in the fast lane, i spark the gas with this flame,
 free your mind from the system and its frame, that's why i came, cause society is washin your brain,
 they hide the pain the truth, and all the shame the proof, is in the news, it all sounds the same,
 it's Rhyme Skeme we revolutionaries son, remember the name, Rhyme Skeme.
Doobe:        (ChorusX1)