1. Precipice

From the recording MDLXV

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“Precipice” is a track off the new Ollie Twist album “MDLXV” (1565) that is centered around the political landscape and the importance of the influence and responsibility that music and its culture have upon the world at large. This song is full of global references and waxes philosophically on the meaning of change and ways to overcome our differences as individuals. There is a strong emphasis on music being used as a weapon to help effect change and educate rather than ignore the problems we face. Layered in haunting guitars, militant drums and scratching, “Precipice” is a conscience track filled with urgency and hope.


We put the power in the hands of bandits,
Those in this hour causing damage to the planet,
Elements allowing us to survive,
Removing chains from the captives and witness them thrive,
Sustaining the attacks, continuing to adapt,
No more presenting facts, just venting on your aps,
Strapped with weapons, every spot on the globe,
Every plot that unfolds, another block in the road,
I’ve just about had it up to here,
I can almost hear the sky scream in the atmosphere,
Tap into the web, or are we trapped in a web?
Do we elect the best fit for the job or a celeb?
You can read between the lines and attempt to interpret,
At long last, it’s all the same line, same circuit,
At age sixteen, my thoughts began to blossom,
In my column want to get to the bottom of the problems,
On a quest to discover the truth and back then,
I made youth of my use main weapon was a pen,
And once again, with adolescence comes bravery,
And with age comes a growth in complacency,
How many days can be devoted to evil?
When in the end, the ones who voted were the people,
See the tricks of the trade, how the product is made,
Knowing we’re bound to make the same mistakes in many ways

(Chorus 2x)
We have arrived at the precipice,
Entire hemisphere seeking out their exodus,
Today’s climate has a certain unpleasantness,
Even though I refuse to be a pessimist,

(Verse 2)
It’s poetry, they got nukes and so do we,
On dial like a rotary, destruction totally,
And that’s mutual, realistic and doable,
Isn’t that strange, does it not seem unusual?
In my view, who can you really speak truth to?
Agree with whatever platform that best suites you,
Whether it’s collusion or seeds of a revolution,
In conclusion, confusion is part of the execution,
Every time the right side wins, they start shootin’,
Every time the Democrats loose they blame Putin,
Okay, but can we reach a solution?
Intelligence of all governments sell the illusion,
I can’t believe you don’t see it yet,
It’s not about being right or being left,
Let’s take a closer look at history,
And realize you gain strength from injury,
Think deeply on true meanings of liberty,
And most of what I learned in school was state trickery,
With no focus, on how to think critically,
And firmly opposed to those who think differently,
So I continue to question whether attending a lesson,
Or straight blessing a session,
Step back (back)
Think twice (twice)
Before you speak, (speak)
Take action (action)
After that (that)
Where we were (were)
Where we’re at (at)
Who we are (are)
Raise the bar (bar)
That’s a fact (fact)
Or is it?
My vocation is no gimmick,
In relation, there’s no other soul who I’d mimic,
Stay true to yourself and recognize the effects,
Knowing happiness is not about the size of your checks,
Was it for human kind, the deaf and blind?
Those who keep searching for homes they can’t find

(Chorus 2x)
We have arrived at the precipice,
Entire bloodlines back to their genesis,
Worldwide censorship so venomous,
Still today, I refuse to be a pessimist

(Chorus 2x)
We have arrived at the precipice,
Entire hemisphere seeking out their exodus,
Today’s climate has a certain unpleasantness,
Even though I refuse to be a pessimist,

(Verse 3)
Back to the principal statement, avoid being complacent,
Another engagement leading to an arrangement,
The next replacement, abolish enslavement,
Escape the containment, explain the arraignment,
In fact rearrange it, there’s a line to cross,
Over time, the loss can get lost in the sauce,
Who reports to the boss?
Who’s supporting the cause?
Who’s enforcing the laws?
Just take a moment and pause

We have arrived,
We have arrived, at the precipice – Come on! (2x)

(Verse 4)
We might find mankind is on the decline,
Is that a sign of the time of the way we’re designed?
Is there really peace of mind?
On our grind we organize,
Knowing the clock keeps ticking, the time immortalized
(Repeat 1x)
Surprised by the change in the tide, opposite sides,
Attract magnetic divide keeping us blind,
(Repeat 1x)
The first settlement, continuing this development,
Striving for the excellence, climbing for the precipice!
(Repeat 1x)