1. Coquina

From the recording MDLXV

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“Coquina” is an introduction to Ollie Twist’s latest project MDLXV (1565), highlighting what you can expect from this versatile collection of original beats and rhymes. Rap with substance is back! Authentic hip-hop that articulates a love story from a historical perspective while also acknowledging the current chilling climate that exists today. Incorporating the rawness from the early days of hip-hop in combination with rocking guitars and lyrics, Ollie Twist’s MDLXV constantly pushes forward taking you on a fun-filled journey from start to finish.


I stroll the streets of the Ancient City,
Livin’ life to the fullest indeed, no pity,
Assemble the committee, play for keeps,
Slinging Paul Reed’s out the back of my Jeep,
Coquina streets, inventory is desirable,
Indispensable, product lines undeniable,
Puffin’ big cigars as I dwell upon my rivals,
Carved oak, blowing smoke O’s, perfect spirals,
Historic, learn the background than explore it,
First Coast beach looking gorgeous,
Waves enormous, just slayed another chorus,
Mental is porous, absorbing this thought fortress,
Hops on the brain, may as well have the night out,
Spot ya’ll approaching my coast, like the Lighthouse,
Lights out, ya’ll don’t know what the mics about,
Spanish bayonets spikes out, ya’ll inside out,
Yeah, I’m Saint Augustine’s rapper,
Bounced down South just to start another chapter,
Life as it is only represents the truth,
Overtime, reciting these lines inside the booth,
Most anything is possible we found the proof,
You’re doomed, less consumed by the Fountain of Youth,
Right? Step inside the territory,
You can stare or ignore me as I’m closing in on glory,
Don’t stress small disputes, remain laid back,
The pay backs been delivered while ya paid the tax,
So holler back, what a world that we’re living in,
The louder that you get and the less that I be listening,
Wait a sec – load me up, one two,
Smoke rising off the mic before the verse is through,
Battery fully charged, name gracing the guest list,
Excellence, embracing this conceptual set list…
Coquina streets, material tough to defeat,
These beats echo off limestone and concrete,
Coquina streets, composed of broken shells,
Like an archeologist with a story to tell…

Behold the next chapter (Jacksonville, Orlando) – Ollie Twist back at cha,
(Tampa, Clearwater, Miami…over to Pensacola)
First Coast 1565,
(West Palm back to the Keys, Sarasota, St. Pete)
The Oldest City
Come on

I stroll the streets of the Ancient City – I stroll the streets of the Ancient City