The Sinstitution is the 5th solo project from The Wickkid One (formerly known as Jiceman).  This is a full-length concept album that tackles topics of the human mind, interactions with people, and the world we live in.  The Wickkid One cleverly connects the world to a sanitarium, suggesting that we are influenced by the people that surround us, which can have a negative or positive effect on our actions.  These events and interactions impact how we treat others, leading to the concept that we are all stuck together in an asylum that is worsening. 

Wickkid worked closely with fellow artist Avatar who co-produced most beats with Wickkid.  The time and effort put into the (next to) four years worth of production makes this the most tightly-sounding production by these artists to date.  Select features by some other local talents that have worked with Wickkid in the past, adds to the artistic-diversity of the album and ensures that it will be a fan favorite for all those that listen. 

"This is a negative album, it's supposed to be.  However I don't necessarily think and feel the way the emotions are portrayed throughout the album anymore.  This album took so long to put together, I bounced the thought around in my head to not even release it, especially if my mind isn't in the same place.  However, I felt like I'd be doing myself a disservice by not releasing it.  I felt this way at some point, and it brought me to where I am today.  Maybe that is inspiration enough." -- The Wickkid One

All tracks recorded/engineered/mixed/mastered by Avatar at Pandora’s Box unless otherwise noted.